July 2016 Demo


“Horizontal Lamination for Pens

Ken Cardin

After spending five years turning the normal bowls and other really round things that no one really used, I thought I would give pens a try and maybe pens would be used instead of sitting on a shelf. After doing twenty or so pens in wood and acrylic, I had pretty much exhausted all of the useable shapes that you can create with pens and quit for a while. Crusing the internet one day I came across a story about a 15 year old that was turning pens with unusual laminations of wood. I followed up and made about ten wo0den laminated pens and lost interest again.....By now you have figured me out in that once I have learned the new wood turning interest, I am bored with it. Suddenly a new challenge flickered across my pea sized brain. If you could laminate wood, could you laminate acrylic with a metal separation betwween the laminations and away I went, chasing this new rabbit. The result was an acrylic pen with at least two colors of acrylic laminated with metal strips separating the laminations producing an acrylic pen with an appearence of metal strips inlaid between different colors of acrylic. This demo will prepare you to make this type of pen for your self.