Nov 2015 Demo


Lidded Box

by Kevin Bassett


Demo handouts

Acorn Box Top

Apple Ring Box



IMG 0378 600x800Kevin Robert Bassett 1954 –IMG 0591 600x800


Bachelor of Science Major in Plant Pathology      Colorado State University 1976


Founding Partner of Arborilogical Services, Inc.  1981 – Present


2007 – 1st Place Master’s at Work competition Oklahoma Forest Heritage Museum


           Broken Bow, Oklahoma


I first started working with trees in 1975 as an Arborist. I am an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist, TX -0100 –A. In my profession as an arborist, I noticed abnormalities in the growth and structure of trees and became more and more curious as to why these changes from normal growth would occur. The plant pathology background led me in this direction. The wood lathe seemed to be the idea tool to investigate the internal parts of the tree. Once introduced to the lathe and wood turning techniques the inner artist began to evolve. I am aware that this evolution continues and grows on a daily basis. As an artist, I seek to expose and enhance the incredible beauty of the inner tree. In this pursuit I have discovered that my work with the tree has become a collaboration with nature. While I may choose the shape, form and utility of a particular piece of tree, ultimately the tree and its’ associated organisms have their say and indeed their own voice. This may include fungi, bacteria, insects, parasitic

IMG 0598 600x800

plants as well as the tree itself. I sometimes use color to enhance particular features but I almost always try to stay true to the tree and the medium. I want to viewer to realize that the art originates from a tree and that the life force has been a major factor in creating the work. In this sense, I am only a conduit which allows the tree to speak. I hope you will enjoy our collaborations and that in some small way you hear the quiet voice of trees.


Kevin Bassett