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(2001 - 2009)

Nov 2009   --   Three Winged Vessel by Fred Denke

Oct 2009  -- Turn Pens Write Now! by Randy Johnson

Sept 2009   --  Don't Avoid the Voids by Mike Jones

Aug 2009   -- Turning Spheres by Oren Zehner

July 2009   --
Turning Antler by Delbert Dowdy


June 2009   --   Decorative Piercing on the Cheap by Glynn Cox

May 2009   --  Deep Hollowing Techniques by Ken Rodgers

April 2009   --   Oval Turning by Alan Lacer

March 2009   --  Metal Spinning by Tom Farrell

February 2009   --  Using the McNaughton Center Saver by Larry Walrath


January 2009   --   Turning Hollow Forms by Steve Worcester


November 2008   --  Everything you always wanted to know about turning.. But didn’t know who to ask by Larry Roberts


October 2008   --  Turning Christmas Ornaments by Brian Evans

No September 2008 Issue Available


August 2008   -- When Bowls Fly...  by Craig Timmerman


July 2008   --  Segmented Kitchen Utensils by Delbert Dowdy


June 2008   --  Turning an M&M Dispenser by Johnny Tolly


May 2008   --  Building a Vacuum Chuck System” by Pete Tkacs & John Solberg a.k.a. “The Bruised Brothers"


No April 2008 Issue Available


March 2008   --   Turning and Decorating a Platter by Al Stirt


February 2008  --Making Jewelry on the Lathe by Joel Crabbe


January 2008   --  Ornamental Turning Demonstration by John Herber


November 2007  --   Turning a Snowman by Marion McDaniel


October 2007  --  Miniature Birdhouse Ornaments by Bill Meador


September 2007  -- Legs ...& Lids”by Ralph Watts 


August 2007  --   Techniques & Tools for End-GrainTurning by John Horn


July 2007  --   Thread Chasing "An Humbling Experience" by Paul Coppinger


June 2007  --   Ribbon Turning by Steve Ott


May 2007  --  Road Kill Menu for Woodturners by Kevin Bassett


April 2007  -- Tips on turning eggs by Fred Denke


March 2007  --   Finishing for the Home Shop by Howard Hale


February 2007  --  Microwave Wood Drying by Dewayne Hines


January 2007  --   Turning a Covered Dish by Tom Crosby


Oct/Nov/Dec 2006   --  Small Scale Turning by Wayne Fitch


September 2006   --  Boxes, Boxes, Boxes ... by Paul Tiefel


August 2006   --   Turning Your Scraps into Wearable Art by John Horn


July 2006   --  Joel Makes a Stand by Joel Rubin


June 2006   --  It Floats Upon the Water by Chelsea Deakins


May 2006   --  Spindle Duplication ... According to Hoyle by George Hoyle


April 2006   --   Platter Turning by Larry Genender


March 2006  --  Segmented Turning by Dale Green


February 2006  --  Using Wood Scraps by Wyatt Compton


January 2006  --  One Man’s Trash Wood....Is Another’s Treasure! by Mike Jones


November 2005 --   Finishing the Bottoms of Bowls by Pleas McKee



October 2005 -- Which is Better: The Gouge or the Skew? by  Fred Denke



September 2005 --  Five Suggestions for Lathe Turned Gifts by Jimmie Arledge



August 2005 --   Turning a Peppermill by John Horn



July 2005 --  Pen Turning by Jeff Carrell



June 2005 --  Multi-Axis Turning by Paul Tiefel



May 2005 --  Using Hook Tools for Hollowing End-Grain Vessels by Wayne Clowers



April 2005 --  Vessel within a vessel by Trent Bosch



March 2005 --  How to turn a gavel by Larry Hancock



February 2005 --  Design and Form by Clay Foster



January 2005 --  Empty Bowls Project by John Williams



November 2004 --  Newly learned tricks for turning Christmas ornaments andnew coloring techniques by Gary Sanders



October 2004 --  Safety and shop needs by Allan Tucker



September 2004 --  Making a Santa Claus Nutcracker by John Horn



August 2004 --  Developing patterns for unique results by Bob Matern



July 2004 --  Inside out vase by Joel Rubin



June 2004 --  Eccentric boxes by Jean-Francoise Escoulen



May 2004 --  Use of the Hoch tool and how to make your own by Tom Crosby



April 2004 --  Miniature Turnings by Steve Ott



March 2004 -- Finishing by Howard Hale



February 2004 --  Winged Bowls by Stuart Batty



No January 2004 Issue Available


 November 2003 --  Simple texturing and coloring techniques to produce Southwest style pottery forms by Larry Hancock



October 2003 --  Platters by Larry Genender



September 2003 --  Exploring using the router and other tools to decoratin a turned object by Robert Brandt



August 2003 --  Carving, Piercing & Fluting by Ken Terrell



July 2003 -- “Taming the Skew”  by John Horn



June 2003  --  Segmented Projects by Dale Green & Jeff Wentworth



May 2003   --  Cutting Techniques by Stacy Hager



April 2003 --    Deep Hollowing Rig by Mike Wallace



March 2003 --  Bark Edged Basic and Baloney by Larry Roberts



February 2003 --   Turning Birdhouses byRobert Lawrence



January 2003 --  New chucking techniques, split turning and table leg production by George Hoyle



December 2002   --  Christmas Banquet



November 2002   --  Sharpening: Wolverine System and the Vari-Grind by Mike Wallace  , the Ellsworth grind by  Fred Denke , Using a belt sander for sharpening tools by Larry Roberts, and the Stuart Batty method of freehand grinding by Larry Genender


October 2002  --   Turning "found wood" by Bob Larson



September 2002  --  Making and using hook tools for end-grain turning  by Raul Pena


August 2002  --  A refined version of his Platters demo by Larry Genender



July 2002 --   Woodturning Fundamentals for Students and Teachers by John Horn



June 2002 --  Duplication on the Lathe by Mike Wallace


May 2002   --  Tools of the Trade by Stacey Hager



April 2002  --   Split woodturning technique, miniatures, and his sanding system by James Johnson



March 2002     --   Turning Goblets by Jimmie Arledge



February 2002   --  Oneway 2436, ,Easy Core system, 2436 boring bar system, and a grinder as a roughing/texturing mechanism by Johnny and Jimmy  Tolly


January 2002  --  Pedal Lathe by Uel Clanton



November 2001  --  Turning Spheres by Ron Grantham



October 2001   --   Turning Christmas tree ornamentsby Gary Sanders



September 2001  --  Interactive Turnings by Larry Hancock



August 2001   --  Quick and Easy Turned Toys by John Horn