May 2013 Demo

WNT Bowl Team


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PaulTiefelrandyThe May program will kick off the new season of making Empty Bowls. There will be four lathes turning Empty Bowls at the same time to emphasize the point that there is no restriction due to the size of your lathe on your ability to contribute to the empty bowl project. Glynn Cox, Paul Tiefel, Randy Johnson, and Chas Thornhill will be demonstrating their bowl turning techniques on the various lathes that will be placed around the meeting room. Everyone will have the opportunity to watch the process "Up close and personal".

ChasWhile only 23 members of the WNT turned 157 bowls for the 2013 Empty Bowl Event, our goal for 2014 is to have everyone in the club to participate by making at least one bowl a month throughout the rest of this Glynn Coxyear until the event takes place next March. A person with absolutely no experience can turn an acceptable bowl in about 3-4 hours or less with the supervision of an experienced mentor. Our club is blessed with a number of people that are glad to help any member solve the mysteries associated with producing most any kind of bowl. These people will be identified in the newsletter and in the May meeting and you will be encouraged to contact them to arrange sessions that will solve any problems you might have in producing your own bowls.