July 2013 Demo


Shop Made Sanding Tools

By David Hoehns


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sandingballMy demonstration will focus on two types of homemade sanding devices, a foam ball sander that may be used for power sanding concave surfaces such as inside bowls and hollow forms and simple home made substitutes for over-price sanding platforms. The foam ball is the brainstorm of David Reed Smith after seeing the Guinevere® system marketed by King Arther's Tools. The Guinevere is a miniature pneumatic sanding tool. Smith, who had used glued and shaped craft foam for another project reasoned that the foam could replace the pneumatic pieces for interior sanding.

These sanders may be constructed with velcro® to use the hook loop sanding discs, or regular sand-paper may be mounted on the mechanical ball. In the image at right is a sanding ball with the velcro attached.

Please note the attached article from Woodturning Design written by David Reed Smith, but the images are my own. This is also available on Mr. Smith's website, http://www.davidreedsmith.com/Articles/FoamBallSander/FoamBallSander.htm