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November 2004 --  Newly learned tricks for turning Christmas ornaments and new coloring techniques by Gary Sanders

October 2004 --  Safety and shop needs by Allan Tucker

September 2004 --  Making a Santa Claus Nutcracker by John Horn

August 2004 --  Developing patterns for unique results by Bob Matern

July 2004 --  Inside out vase by Joel Rubin

June 2004 --  Eccentric boxes by Jean-Francoise Escoulen

May 2004 --  Use of the Hoch tool and how to make your own by Tom Crosby

April 2004 --  Miniature Turnings by Steve Ott

March 2004 -- Finishing by Howard Hale

February 2004 --  Winged Bowls by Stuart Batty

No January 2004 Issue Available