July Letter


Dear Club Members,

         I do apologize, I have not been Communicating as well as a Librarian should to the Club. Hope you have been able to keep up with the changes to the library. This is where I will start my new communicating. Please contact me via Text if you see something incorrect or have any suggestion.

         I've been pretty busy with the Video Library and getting it up on the Web. There have been some changes to listing of the videos. Eventually, our webmaster will organize them in a numeric order and make it possible to search, the Titles or Authors, very quickly through the search at the top of the page.

         For all you Beginners be sure and watch the three videos by Stacy Hagar. ( Listed under All Beginner Videos ) If you follow his advice you can only become a better turner faster and safer. Stacy's videos are for all to see, Club Member or Not. Also located in the Library is the SAFETY Corner, Please review and watch for updates.

         If you are a member and cannot log on to the Members Only section of the Web-Site, please Contact me, I'll walk you through the log-in.

         You may have noticed a new part to the library during the Monthly Meetings. It's the magazine swap at the library table. It is like when we were a kid in the 50's and you would take your comic books down to the corner swap for the ones you had not read. If you have a bunch of magazines you want to bring and leave?? , bring them. Pick up a new one you haven't read. You need not bring them back if you need to keep the articles or return and get more. I don't check any of them in or out.

         The books are still available to check out for the month between meetings.

         And of course, I am at the table to talk, recommend, and others that just like to gather and talk tools. Be sure to come by and visit.

See you next Month,

WNTX Librarian