The VP's Monthly Challenge

for the month of

February 2023


Who's Up For A Challenge?
Last month we did the wig stands and the ones that we’re going to donate look great.  My hope is to donate them on Monday.  The icy weather kept me home most of the past week. 
The openshop was a great success.  We had a great turnout and it was a good time to chat with everyone.  We’re certainly going to do it again in April.  This time I’m going to start early on rounding up folks to volunteer to turn items and help.  Big thanks to Bob Wiggins for helping to line up the folks to stand behind the lathes for me.  Make sure you thank Shannon down at Rockler for supporting the quarterly challenge, she donated some great items. 
Now for the challenge.  One of the definitions of challenge is:  “to invite someone to do something that one thinks will be difficult or impossible”.  While I don’t feel this challenge will be impossible, it could be a little difficult.
 It is to turn a femisphere.  I saw some of these on the meeting.  Bob Grinstead reminded me and I thought it would be a great challenge.  Do a search on the web, there are a ton of videos out there on different techniques.  They can be any size and as always there is an opportunity for embellishing them with some “bling bling”


Drew Shelton demonstrated turning a femisphere at the July 2017 meeting.  For a PDF of Drew's process:  Turning a Femisphere

To watch Drew's demo: Turning Femisphere