The VP's Monthly Challenge

for the month of

May 2023


Who's Up For A Challenge?

Well I had a challenge in mind for this month but then Brian Schrader hit me with an idea for a new challenge/competition.

So here it is. We're gonna throw some math into it. Aspect ratio. You have to turn a finial. The competition is to turn a finial as long as you can with the smallest diameter.
The competition is the one who has the lowest number(Width/length) wins. We need to try and be at least 10 to 1 to make it a real challenge.

The winner gets bragging rights and an extra entry into the next quarterly drawing.

Reminder: The original newsletter had the wrong address for the next Open shop at Bill Holts shop. Make sure you check the latest directory for the correct address.....or check the latest newsletter online which has been corrected.