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March 2006 Program

Dale Green:
“Segmented Turning is Technique and Practice”

My working life was forty years in the Tire and Auto business. The last fifteen I owned my own company (Cordy Tire). I sold the company in 1989 and built a home in Lost Creek (West Fort Worth) and in 1990, I built a log cabin on the Llano River in the Hill Country.

After building two houses, and not getting any younger, I felt I needed to work on things I could hold in my hands. An old friend in Kansas City, Missouri called and ask me to come to his shop and learn how to make a bowl. In three days I was hooked and thirteen years later I'm still at it.

For the first three years I did segmented turning only and the next five year I went totally to green wood. In the last four years I started doing both and enjoy the challenge.

At last months meeting I showed a vase that has 1,067 pieces of wood in it. My demonstration will cover the techniques used in its construction.

Updated February 24, 2006

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