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July 2005 Program:
Jeff Carrell

"Pen Turning"

Jeff Carrell has been a woodturner for over six years and a hobby woodworker for most of his life. Although his working career has been in the electronics, computer and Internet fields, his love for working with wood has always been something he wanted to expand and spend more time doing.

At the end of 1998, Jeff sought the wisdom and knowledge of his lifelong friend and neighbor Alan Siebenthall concerning pen turning. Alan provided enough information for Jeff to equip his new shop for this new hobby, and off he was. Jeff almost exclusively turns pens, but has a desire to expand his turning capabilities and knowledge - someday - but is not in any hurry to do so just now. Jeff makes the pens mostly as gifts for friends, business associates, relatives, and just for folks who are nice! Jeff is an independent network consultant in his "day job", with a focus on network security training. He also applies his computing talents supporting websites for other turners, hobbyists, and woodworking nonprofit entities. However, Jeff spends as much time in the shop as possible, which is generally not enough, but he takes what he can.

Jeff is an active member of the Woodturners of North Texas and also supports their email system and is the webmaster for the Southwest Association of Turners. Jeff has demonstrated at Texas Turn-or-Two in 2003 and at numerous Freedom Pen Project pen turning extravaganzas, and is scheduled to be a demonstrator at SWAT in 2005. Jeff hosts a pen turning group called "Bubbasville" at his shop. Anyone interested in sharing techniques and tips about pen turning, making some shavings, and enjoying the camaraderie are always welcome. See for more information.

For the last three years, Jeff has started to collect functional foot powered machinery circa late 1800's. The idea of using equipment powered only by your own energies and also working with wood at the same time has intrigued Jeff for many years. He currently owns a Barnes #3 Velocipede Lathe, a Barnes #2 Velocipede Scroll Saw, a Barnes Former, and a Barnes Combination Saw (table saw).

Jeff's website for his woodworking hobby is where you can view a section on the various stages of turning a pen and see a video clip of Jeff turning a pen on his velocipede lathe. Jeff's email address is

Jeff's demonstration will be on pen turning: from beginning to end, covering traditional and new materials, and also a few different finish types.

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