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May 2005 Program: Wayne Clowers

"Using Hook Tools for Hollowing End-Grain Vessels"

Wayne Clowers takes a pragmatic approach to most things that he deals with and woodturning is no exception to his practical, common sense way of solving problems. Wayne retired from the Fort Worth ISD after twenty-five years as a math teacher and six years at the Fort Worth Skills Center as the Curriculum Coordinator where he worked with vocational education curricula that included wood shop, welding, auto mechanics, television, and refrigeration / air conditioning classes. Wayne has been a woodworker for forty years. He started with the club in 1993, but feels that he did not really improve his turning skills until he began attending “Texas Turn or Two” and turning classes in the spring with Stuart Batty, David Ellsworth, and just recently with Trent Bosch. In the demonstration this month, Wayne will present his practical approach in using the "hook tool" to hollow vessels. The hollow vessel for his demonstration will be characterized by a large base and a small opening at the top.

Revised January 28, 2006