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March 2005 Program:
Larry Hancock

Larry and his wife have two sons and live in Ardmore, OK. He moved there in 1981 to learn horseshoeing. While there, he got married and stayed. He worked for Michelin, then Uniroyal, as a precision machine alignment and set up mechanic. He spends his spare time woodturning, but does not sell his turnings through any galleries at this time. Although he does sell his work, it is not his main interest in woodturning. He has created a web site to show some of his woodturnings and to share information on woodturning with others who have the same interest.

Larry began woodturning in the mid 1980?s to create his own cabinet drawer pulls. Before then, he had never seen anyone turn in person and knew nothing of how to actually start so he began by buying all the books on turning that he could find and when videos became available, he also bought all of those.

Larry Hancock is the official gavel maker of the
Oklahoma State House of Representatives and he will be demonstrating how to turn a gavel at the March 31 meeting of WNT. His web site, Turned Treasures, presents an excellent overview tutorial for turning a gavel.

Larry is a highly skilled demonstrator, teacher, superb woodturner and webmaster. It is always a joy to see one of Larry's demonstrations because he is able to make everything look very easy. Larry gives demonstrations for woodturning groups or the public and has turners over to his shop for instruction and sharing of information. He is always seeking new ideas and information and while giving demonstrations, learning as much from those attending, as they learn from him. Larry Hancock is well known for his turned hats such as the spalted maple hat shown on the right which was his first maple hat. He also produces hollow forms such as the red cedar vessel shown to the right which has a textured surface treatment made with a Sorby texturing tool.

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