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January 2005 Program: John Williams
Empty Bowl Project

John Williams, owner of Trinity Ceramic Supply, Inc. in Dallas, will be presenting a program on the Empty Bowls Project. John is very active in this project that raises funds to feed the hungry. Each year, local artists make bowls of ceramics and wood that are sold at the fund raising luncheon. The luncheon patrons pay $25 for a bowl of soup provided by several of the well-known local restaurants and they get to take home one of the bowls that have been donated by the artists.

John will provide us more information about the Empty Bowl Project and will also speak on how to design a bowl, no matter what the material. John grew up in Oak Cliff and became interested in pottery while in elementary school because of a pottery factory in the neighborhood. John studied ceramics while attending SMU and also at Florida State University. John also taught Ceramics at the University of Dallas for 5 years.

John and his wife, Darlene, have two daughters, Angela and Catherine. Angela is a successful clay worker in Dallas. Catherine has just moved to Austin after five years as a conservator at the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian, in Washington, DC. John And Darlene started "Clay Suppliers", selling clay and supplies to potters, schools, and colleges. In 1980, he went to work for Trinity Ceramic Supply, and today they own the company.

Revised January 28, 2006