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October 2004 Program: Allan Tucker
"A Woodturner's Notebook"

What I would like to present this month is a turners note pad. A collection of the information I have accumulated over the past two years.

I started turning February of 2003. Keith from the Dallas Woodcraft introduced me to an employee of his, Bob Larson. Bob at that time was the President of the Dallas woodturners club. We spent about three weeks at his home in his shop. Bob proved to be a very capable teacher as well as an extremely talented turner.

Something I have admired about Bob is his creativity. He enjoys turning many different types of items and forces himself to learn different techniques to help accomplish his turning desires, and this is the motivation for the demo.

Creativity, desire, options, and resources will be the building blocks for this demo. I do want to take some time to give credit to the teachers I have been blessed to work with. If you would like a list, that would be simple.

Bob Larson ( Dallas Club ), Stuart Batty, Robert Baker ( Dallas Club ), Marion MacDaniels, (Dallas Club), Larry Roberts ( Fort Worth Club ), Trent Bosch. Not to forget numerous books and videos.

First of all I will go over safety and many different shop needs. Hopefully I can go over resources to find teachers and techniques. Different schools that teach. And different things one should learn to enhance their turning. 

Provided web sites to help find books, videos, where to buy tools, and different clubs.
Provide handouts from the many teachers.
The many different skills needed for more creative turnings.

I am hoping to present this in a notebook so people can take it home, not have to make notes, but have it handy on the shelf at home.

Revised January 28, 2006