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September 2004 Program: John Horn
"Making a Santa Claus Nutcracker"

Since John Horn is a professional Santa Claus and the programs at this time of the year are going to emphasize turnings that could be given as gifts during the Holiday Season, it seemed appropriate for him demonstrate how to make a Santa Claus Nutcracker. This project is modeled after the article that Bonnie Klein wrote for the December 1997 American Woodturner.

Making a Santa Claus Nutcracker or any other style of nutcracker is basically a simple spindle turning project that a beginning turner could accomplish without technical turning problems. The Santa Claus Nutcracker can be produced with a minimum of tools on any size of lathe from the Klein lathe to any larger one. The nutcracker should be a hit with family, and friends. It should also sell well at craft shows.

Revised January 28, 2006