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Empty Bowls165 viewsBowls turned for Empty Bowls
Empty Bowls132 viewsBowls turned for Empty Bowls
Empty Bowls127 viewsBowls turned for Empty Bowls
Tooth Pick Holder - Devore Birch154 views
Pecan Bowl - James Haynes129 views
Bottle Stopper - Bob Stroud131 views
Cookie Press - John Herber132 views
Goblet - Randy Johnson132 views
Pen - Tom Beatty127 views
Pen - Tom Beatty152 views
Bowl - Randy Johnson132 views
Treaded - Jim Tanksley139 views
Pen - John Chandler131 views
Egg Holder - Cecil Walker131 views
Bracelet - Ned Baker150 views
Tape Measure - Alton Bostick176 views
Wine Stoppers - Larry Roberts130 views
Bowl - Cecil Walker137 views
Bowl - Jim Bragdon144 viewsBowl made using Ringmaster
Bowl - Jim Bragdon130 viewsBowl made using Ringmaster
Bowl - Alan Siebenthall129 views
Beads of Courage - Dick Koch 142 viewsBeads of Courage is a charity for young children with cancer.
Kaleggscope - Alan Siebenthall137 views
Kokopelli - Ken Cardin190 views
Inside out Vase - John Lauderbaugh158 viewsInside out Turning
Roses are Red##n - Glynn Cox145 viewsBowl broke 3 seconds before finishing sanding - Glued together and add leather stitching.
Rose Bowl - Glynn Cox139 views
Robert Richards133 views
Goblets - Robert Richards285 views
Robert Richards248 views
Bowl - Cecil Wester236 views
Bowls - Robert Richards123 views
Winged Bowl - Robert Richards173 views
Small Hollow Form - Chas Thornhill136 viewsFirst attempt @ hollow form, used a knot cut from a bowl blank, was to nice to throw away
Small Hollow Form - Chas Thornhill132 views
Oriental Box - John Horn131 views
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